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Manage other guests' webcams

Webcam Hover

GlobalMeet can show up to 12 webcams on the meeting stage at one time, even while someone shares content (the entire screen, an application window, files, or videos).

Spotlight a webcam

Anyone can spotlight another person's webcam. Point to a live stream and click the Full stage button to expand the webcam full-screen. The full stage spotlight only changes how you see webcams; it does not broadcast to the entire meeting. You do not need to be sharing your own webcam to use this feature.

During content sharing, you cannot spotlight a person's webcam.

Close a video stream

If you are the host, co-host, or a presenter, you can remove a guest's webcam from the stage. To stop sharing your own webcam or to dismiss someone else's webcam, point to the live stream and click X.  

View webcams while sharing content

In screen share or file presentation mode, active webcams are displayed in a filmstrip above what the host is sharing. 


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