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Participant options

Participants in a GlobalMeet meeting room operate under one of three different roles: host, presenter, and guest. Depending on your role, your permissions in the meeting change. The owner of the meeting room always enters as the host with full access to all meeting features. All other participants automatically enter the meeting as guests. During a meeting, the host can promote a guest to a presenter. Once promoted, "Presenter" appears above the participant's name in the Meeting panel and the presenter receives access to additional features in your meeting room, such as remotely controlling a shared screen.

By default, anyone can share their screen, an application window, a whiteboard, or a file within the meeting, without being promoted to a presenter. Each host can control the setting for their own meeting room and restrict sharing to host and presenters.

In Meeting Settings, you can delegate other GlobalMeet account holders as co-hosts in your meeting room. Every time a co-host joins your meeting, they have the same host permissions as you do.

Note: Anyone can connect their Google or Outlook calendar to view upcoming meetings. Hosts can also connect their calendar to take advantage of smart collaboration features in the meeting room.

The following table lists permissions by role.

Meeting Feature Host Presenter Guest
Connect your Google or Outlook calendar
View all invitees and absent guests    
Mute/unmute own line
Mute/unmute other participants' lines  
Mute all/unmute all guest lines  
Change your audio connection/disconnect audio
Promote/demote presenters    
Dismiss participants    
Chat publicly
Share webcam
Dismiss a webcam from the stage    
Share screen (restricted)  
Share screen (unrestricted)
Share a file (restricted)  
Share a file (unrestricted)
Share a video (restricted)  
Share a video (unrestricted)
Open a whiteboard (restricted)  
Open a whiteboard (unrestricted)
Record the meeting    
Remotely control another guest's desktop  
Control all shared files  
Dial out and invite a guest by phone into the meeting    
Call out and connect a video room system to the meeting    
Lock/unlock meeting    
View meeting information (access numbers, passcodes)
Share meeting information via clipboard
Contact support via email, phone, live chat
Visit the support site
Download GlobalMeet tools
End meeting (dismiss all participants)    
Exit meeting (leave and disconnect your audio)
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