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Tips for choosing the right access number

Hosts are provided with a list of cities and countries to send to their local and international guests to dial in to a meeting. Local access and toll numbers are available to use from anywhere in the world but may incur International Long Distance or Roaming fees. Some locations have International Toll-Free Service (ITF or ITFS) numbers available, but these numbers can only be used from within the specified country. A host should include all access numbers in meeting invitations to allow guests to choose the best option for themselves, especially if inviting international guests.

To choose the best access number to use, try the following:

  • If an ITF number is available in your current country, use it to prevent long distance charges.
  • If an ITF number is unavailable in your current country, use the local access number for that country. You may have to pay long distance charges for using the local access number, but this option should still be cheaper than dialing out internationally.
  • If an ITF or local access number is unavailable for your country, you can use any other local access number, including the US toll or local number. Dialing out internationally will incur long distance charges based on the country you select. It is recommended that you check with the local telecom provider before connecting to meetings internationally.
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