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What key things should I know as a GlobalMeet Audio host?

Here are several helpful tips for GlobalMeet Audio hosts:

  • Encourage your participants to join the audio conference by using the Connect Me button in the invitation.  Remind them by typing a message in the body section of the invite/email invitation.
  • Hosts should always join the meeting using the START MY MEETING button in the Outlook Toolbar or the GlobalMeet for Desktop App instead of joining via the invite.
  • Arrive in your meeting five (5) minutes before start time to greet each participant and to ensure a timely start.
  • If you need help during a conference, press *0 for tech support. Encourage a guest to do this as the operator will take the requester out of the meeting while the issue is addressed.
  • A phone line rather than VoIP is recommended for connecting your audio as VOIP audio quality fluctuates based on the data connection.


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