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Join a GlobalMeet Audio Meeting as a Guest

When you join a GlobalMeet® Audio meeting as a guest, you have several options.

To join the meeting using Audio Controls:

  1. Open the meeting invitation from the host and click Connect Me.
  2. The Audio Controls will open in your browser and display the Connect Audio dialog. Enter your name and email address, and click Join Meeting.
  3. Click Call My Phone and enter your phone number, or click Call My Computer and select the microphone on your computer that you wish to use for your connection.
  4. Click Connect.

Note: Whether or not you see Call My Computer in the Connect Audio dialog depends on the meeting host’s company settings.

To join the meeting from a mobile phone:

  1. Open the meeting invitation from the host, tap the link listed next to iPhone and BlackBerry.
  2. Tap Call.

To join the meeting by phone when you don’t have computer access:

  1. Dial the access number provided in the meeting invitation from the host.
  2. Enter the guest passcode followed by the # sign. 
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