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Mute Guest Lines Using Audio Controls

If background noise is affecting a GlobalMeet® Audio meeting, hosts can mute either a single line or all guest lines via Audio Controls. If a single guest’s line is the cause of the background noise, the guest’s name will be highlighted in orange in the participant list.

To mute a single guest:

  1. Locate the guest’s name in the participant list.
  2. Hover over the guest’s name with your mouse.
  3. Click the speaker icon located to the right of the guest’s name. The guest will hear this prompt: “You are now muted.”

To mute all guest lines:

  1. Click the Mute All button on the meeting toolbar.  All guests will hear the prompt: "All guests have been muted."
  2. If you would like to unmute all guest lines, click the Unmute button on the meeting toolbar. Everyone will hear the prompt: “All guests have been unmuted.”


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