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Mute Noisy Lines Using Star Controls

You can use the mute command to silence noisy lines. Note: This is recommended when meeting with a large number of guests.

While guests can press *6 on the telephone touch-pad to mute or un-mute their own lines, hosts can press *96 to mute all guest lines. After pressing *96, you have two options:

  • Press 1 to mute all lines but allow guests to un-mute their line at any time using *6.
  • Press 2 to maintain muting across all guest lines. In this case, guest lines will remain muted until the host un-mutes all lines using the *97 command. 

With either option, a recorded message informs all guests that mute has been activated. Similarly, when *97 is pressed by a host, a recorded message informs all guests that mute is deactivated.


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