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Reduce Call Echoes

Echoes are usually caused by a bad connection, poor inbound line quality or faulty end-user audio equipment on the part of one or more guests. In rare cases, more than one source of audio interference may exist. To identify the source of echoes:

  • Ask if anyone on the call does not hear the echo. The guest who can't hear the echo is usually the source of it.
  • Have the host mute all guests by pressing *96 and choosing option 1. Then verbally roll-call guests one by one, asking guests to un-mute their lines by pressing *6 and saying their names.
  • Once identified, ask the guest that is the apparent source of the echo to mute his or her line by pressing *6. This allows the guest to continue listening to the conference without disrupting the meeting. Or, the guest may elect to disconnect and dial in again to gain a better connection to the meeting. This may preserve the guest’s ability to talk during the meeting.

The guest may also try:

  • Switching from a mobile phone to a landline. Landlines offer better audio quality and sustained connectivity.
  • Lowering the volume of the speakerphone, mobile phone or telephone in  use.
  • Turning off speakerphone. Speakerphones can degrade call quality with echo, ambient and white noise.
  • Picking up the telephone handset. Handsets usually have better sound characteristics than speakerphones and headsets.
  • Disconnecting hands-free devices.
  • Moving electronic devices such as PDAs, cell phones and laptops away from the active phone.

If these steps do not resolve the audio conferencing issue you are experiencing, press *0 for operator assistance to isolate and resolve it.


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