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About the meeting room

When you are hosting a meeting, you have full control of guests and meeting functions.

After entering the meeting, the top of the meeting stage shows Audio & Webcams. Anyone can stream webcam video or share content in the room. Up to 16 webcams can be shown on the meeting stage at one time. When you click the Share button, the meeting type switches to Screen Share, File Presentation, or Whiteboard based on your choice.

Switch Meeting Type     MeetingType-Whiteboard.jpg

Meeting controls

Use the meeting controls at the bottom of the stage to mute your mic, share your webcam, access the screen share, file share, whiteboard, and recording features, and to change your current settings. You can change your audio connection and webcam, turn open sharing on or off from your settings, and connect or disconnect your Google or Outlook calendar.

Guest webcams remain active when you start screen sharing. (You can't share your screen and webcam at the same time. If your webcam is on and you start screen share, your webcam is turned off.) All webcams remain on if anyone else shares a file or opens a whiteboard.

Meeting Toolbar

Meeting sidebar

Use the meeting sidebar to the left of the stage to manage and chat with your guests. The Participants tab lists all participants in the meeting. As the host, you can lock your meeting, view all invitees and absent guests (connect your Google or Outlook calendar first), dial out to a guest to invite them into the meeting, and use the additional participant controls for current guests.

Click a name to mute the guest, promote the guest to presenter, dismiss the guest from the room, and rename an audio-only guest (replace the guest's phone number with their name). Presenters are able to manage other guests and can screen share, share a file, or open a whiteboard if you have restricted content sharing.

Tip: If there are a large number of guests in the meeting, click the search button to find a guest in the list.

MeetingSidebar-GuestsTab.png    MeetingSidebar-ChatTab-2Messages.png

Enhanced security

All of the meeting security features are in one easy-to-find location above the meeting stage under the new Security button. For increased security, you can prevent guests from joining the meeting, have guests wait outside the meeting room until admitted by you or a promoted guest, or limit screen sharing, file sharing, or whiteboard usage to only you and promoted guests. When an option is On, the Security button is green. To unlock the room, turn off the waiting room, or allow everyone to share, click the Security button again, and then toggle the desired option to Off.


End or exit the meeting

The meeting controls also allow you to end the meeting as a host or exit the meeting as a guest.

End Meeting                    Exit Meeting

Meeting room on mobile

Tap Guests to show everyone in the meeting, including any roles assigned to a participant. If you are the host, tap a guest's name to mute their mic, promote them to the Presenter role, or dismiss them from your meeting. Tap Meeting to see who is currently speaking, who spoke last in the meeting, or to view shared content and webcams. Tap Chat to join the current conversation. Tap Exit to leave the meeting or just manually close your app (iOS).

Note: You always enter the room on the Guests tab.


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