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About the mobile apps

Download and install GlobalMeet mobile

Host or attend any meeting from your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android smartphone. Anyone can use the mobile apps. You do not have to be a GlobalMeet account holder to use GlobalMeet mobile.

GlobalMeet is available in the Google Play™ Store and the App Store.

Get it on the App Store   Get it on Google Play

Once the application has been installed, tap the GlobalMeet icon to get started.


Sign in to your account (hosts)

If you have a GlobalMeet account, enter the email address associated with your account, and then tap Continue. GlobalMeet checks whether you have an account, and if you do, it prompts for your password. Enter your password and tap Continue.

The app signs you in to your GlobalMeet account and displays the host home screen. You can schedule a meeting, start your own meeting, or join another person's meeting.

If you have more than one GlobalMeet account, you might need to enter the Client ID for the account you want to access. Your Client ID is in your welcome email.

If you cannot locate your welcome email, or if you are not sure which Client ID to use, a support agent can help. 

Contact Support for assistance.

Android-Home-NoOutlook.png  Android-Meetings-NoOutlook.png

Sign in to the app (guests)

If you do not have a GlobalMeet account, enter your email address, and then tap Continue. GlobalMeet asks for your name. Enter your name and then tap Continue.

The app displays the welcome screen. If you have a meeting to attend, enter the URL now. If not, tap Skip to go to the guest home screen.


Share your meeting URL

To invite guests to your meeting, you can share your meeting URL and the primary access number and passcode over email, instant message, or text message from the Meetings tab or the Guests tab in a meeting. You can also copy your meeting URL or long press any meeting URL on the Home or Meetings tab to copy it. The full list of access numbers are available in your meeting room, desktop apps, and in meeting invitations you create with GlobalMeet for Outlook and the Google Add-on.

To share your meeting details:

  1. On the Meetings tab, next to the meeting link, tap the More (...) button.
  2. Tap Share my meeting URL, and then and choose how you want to send the details.


You can also copy your meeting URL and paste it into a text message or email.

To share your meeting details from the meeting:

On the Guests tab, tap the Share button and then choose how you want to send the details.



Start your meeting

To start your meeting:

On the Home tab, tap Join on an upcoming meeting hosted by you. Or, on the Meetings tab, tap your meeting room link.

Start Start

The app signs you in to the meeting and asks how you want to connect your audio.

Join a meeting

The desktop and mobile apps let you join meetings more quickly. Because you are signed in to the app, you do not have to enter your credentials again.

The mobile app provides two different options to join a meeting: the Home tab and the Meetings tab.

Tip: Connect your Outlook Calendar to view your schedule and join meetings with one click. Learn more »

To join a meeting:

On the Home or Meetings tab, tap Join to join a meeting from your Outlook calendar.

On the Meetings tab, tap the meeting URL. Android users can also tap the More button, and then tap Join my meeting room.

Note: When you connect your Outlook calendar, the Home tab shows your upcoming meetings, and the Meetings tab shows your day's agenda.

Android Home Tab          iOS Meetings Tab          Android Options

To search for a meeting to join:

On the Home or Meetings tab, tap the magnifying glass to show the search bar.

  • Enter the URL of the meeting to join or the name of the meeting host to search your company directory, and then tap a meeting in the results.
  • Tap a recently joined meeting to join it again.

    iOS Join Recent          iOS Search by URL          iOS Search by Name

The host's room opens and you are automatically signed in as a guest.

The next step is to choose how you want to talk in the meeting by connecting your audio.

Manage recordings (iOS)

As the host, you always receive the recording email. Recordings are also available in the desktop and iOS mobile apps. You can view, download, share, and delete (desktop app only) your recordings.

To access your recording:

  1. Tap the More button and then tap Recorded meetings.

    iOS-Meetings-More.png    iOS-Recordings-List.png

  2. Tap a recording to open it in a browser.


  3. To view the recording, tap Play.
  4. To share the recording with others, tap:
    • Download Recording to save the recording to your device. You can share your recording by attaching it to an email or uploading it to a shared server.
    • Copy Recording URL to Clipboard and paste the link in an email or text message to share it with others.
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