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Connect your Google calendar

Connect your Google calendar to view upcoming meetings and quickly join them, and to take advantage of smart collaboration features in your meeting room. You can connect to your Google calendar in the desktop app or the meeting room.

The desktop app shows upcoming meetings from your calendar and lets you join them with a click.

The meeting room checks your Google calendar and if you have a meeting scheduled in your room (with your meeting URL as in the location), it shows the meeting subject and start and end time and lets you view a list of absent guests (invitees who aren’t in the room). When you record the meeting, it pre-fills the meeting subject as the recording name; when you stop recording, the meeting asks if you want to email the recording to everyone on the invitee list (all guests), people who attended, or absent guests.

Note: The desktop app and meeting room are in sync. When you sign in to your Google calendar in the meeting room, your desktop app is also connected to your calendar, and vice versa. 

Connect your calendar

To connect to your Google calendar in the desktop app:

  1. On the Home tab, click Connect calendar and then click Google.
  2. Click Connect and sign in to your Google account.

The desktop app scans your Google Calendar for meetings and shows a summary of your day.

You can also connect while in your meeting room. In the Meeting panel, click Connect calendar. Or in the meeting controls, click Settings and then click the Integrations tab.

Disconnect your calendar

If you no longer want your GlobalMeet apps to display meetings from your Google Calendar, you can revoke its permission by disconnecting. Disconnecting instantly removes your Google Calendar.

To disconnect your Google Calendar in the desktop app:

  1. Click Settings, and then click the Integrations tab.
  2. Click Disconnect.

You can also disconnect while in your meeting room, from the Settings button in the meeting controls.

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