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GlobalMeet Support

Add a New Client

As an administrator for your Administrative Portal, you can add clients and other user types through the Administrative Portal. When adding a client, you will need to provide general account information and contact information. Follow the steps below to add a new client:

  1. Log in to your Administrative Portal with your client ID and password.
  2. From the  menu, select Client Management > Add a ClientNoteYou may be prompted to select the company and site association for the new client. If prompted, select the desired company and site for the new client and click OK.
  3. Under the Profile Information section, enter the information for the new client in the fields provided. Required fields will be noted with an asterisk (*).
  4. Under the Conference Type section, select the type of conference account for the new client.
  5. Click Save

After saving you will see a confirmation page where you can choose to view or edit account properties and send the new client a welcome email.

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