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GlobalMeet 5 continues to grow! Check out the latest updates, download the desktop and mobile apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

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GlobalMeet Audio Training

Why use Audio Tools? Find out in less than 2 minutes.

If you're looking for GlobalMeet Web training, click here.

 Description Available Learning Options
Getting Started On-Demand Training Session - 22 min.
  • What you don’t know about GlobalMeet Audio
  • How do I see who is on my call and speaking?
  • Host Features – Muting / Locking / Recording
  • Ask questions about the product and review best practices

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Self-Paced Tutorial

View our self-paced tutorial to learn the top 8 features of GlobalMeet Audio.  Watch all 8 topics to complete the course or choose only the features you're interested in.


GlobalMeet 4.0 Audio Self-Paced Tutorial

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