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GlobalMeet 5 continues to grow! Check out the latest updates, download the desktop and mobile apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

GlobalMeet Support

Getting Started with GlobalMeet for Desktop

GlobalMeet® for Desktop is an application that helps you monitor your GlobalMeet meeting, letting you know who has entered your meeting when you’re not there.  When someone enters your meeting, an alert message pops up on your screen, displaying the guest’s name.

GlobalMeet for Desktop enables you to host or join a meeting with a few simple clicks in addition to the following: 

  • Monitor your GlobalMeet meeting, without actually being in it.
  • Quickly jump into your GlobalMeet meeting.
  • Schedule a meeting and have GlobalMeet send an email invitation to your guests with the meeting URL and dial-in information.
  • Get pop-up and audible alerts when guests enter and leave your meeting.
  • Drag and drop files onto the GlobalMeet window to upload them to your file library.
  • View all recent GlobalMeet meetings you attended as a guest or host and click to join.
  • Save meetings you attend frequently as Favorites.

GlobalMeet for Desktop is available to current GlobalMeet customers. To sign up for GlobalMeet services, please visit us online.

System Requirements

To be able to use GlobalMeet for Desktop, you must have Windows 7 through 10 or MAC OS 10.9 or higher installed on your computer.

Downloading GlobalMeet for Desktop

GlobalMeet for Desktop can be downloaded directly from the GlobalMeet Downloads page.

Setting Up GlobalMeet for Desktop

After GlobalMeet for Desktop is installed, it starts automatically. Follow the steps below to complete the setup:

  1. On the Setup screen, enter the email address or client ID and password for your GlobalMeet account.
  2. Select the Launch at Startup option to ensure GlobalMeet is always watching your meeting.
  3. Click Sign In.

Note: If you have more than one web meeting, GlobalMeet prompts you to select which one you want to monitor. You can only monitor one meeting at a time. GlobalMeet for Desktop signs you in to your GlobalMeet account and starts monitoring your GlobalMeet meeting for visitors.