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As of June 28, 2019, GlobalMeet 4 Webinar will be retired. All current GlobalMeet 4 Webinar customers are being upgraded to the new GlobalMeet Webinar.

GlobalMeet Support

3. How do I schedule a meeting?

This article contains instructions for scheduling a GlobalMeet Web meeting using the GlobalMeet toolbar (for Outlook users) or GlobalMeet for Desktop app (for Mac, Lotus Notes or non-Outlook users), so make sure you've downloaded these tools. If you're looking for instructions to start a meeting, see this article.

Schedule a meeting using the GlobalMeet toolbar
  1. Click Schedule Meeting.
  2. Select Meet Later > Web Meeting (for a web and audio meeting) or Phone Only (for an audio only meeting).
  3. An Outlook meeting invitation will open, and you are now using the native functionality of Outlook. Type your guest names or email addresses, enter the subject and select the date/time.
  4. Click Send when you are ready to send your meeting invitation.

    *Note: Any meetings you schedule using the GlobalMeet toolbar will show up in your Outlook calendar for you to easily manage (add or remove participants, change the date/time or cancel).
Schedule a meeting using the GlobalMeet Desktop app
  1. Click the M icon in your system tray to display the menu list.
  2. Click Schedule MeetingNote: If you have installed the GlobalMeet toolbar, GlobalMeet for Desktop will open Outlook to allow you to schedule your meeting. If you have not installed the GlobalMeet toolbar, continue to step 3 below.
  3. Select the date and time of your meeting.
  4. Enter your guests' email addresses 
  5. Enter a meeting title.
  6. Select the meeting duration.
  7. Click CREATE INVITE. GlobalMeet sends everyone a meeting invitation that includes the meeting URL and dial-in information for your meeting.

    *Expert Hack! - If you want to use your calendar functionality to manage your meetings (add or remove participants, change the date/time or cancel), add only YOUR email address in place of your guests' email addresses. Copy and paste the meeting information from the appointment sent by GlobalMeet into your own appointment and distribute as you normally would.


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