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ABCs of GlobalMeet Web Recording

Click the links below to learn everything you need to know about GlobalMeet Web recordings.

Record Your Meeting

Hosts can record a GlobalMeet® Web meeting, including the activity in the Participant Panel, Public Chat and Notes sections, for future reference or to share with participants who aren’t able to attend. To record your GlobalMeet Web meeting, follow these steps:

  1. After starting your meeting as a host, click on the Record button in the GlobalMeet Web meeting console. This will open a new “Recording Options” window.
  2. Select the desired recording option. Your options include: web and audio, audio only and web only.
  3. Enter a name for your recording. Note: If you do not provide a recording name, the name will default to your meeting room name.
  4. Click the Record button.
  5. To stop recording, click the Stop button from the “Recording Options” window.

Note: If you do not see the Record button, make sure you started your meeting in the host role. To start a meeting as a host, you must start your meeting from the GlobalMeet toolbar for Outlook®, from GlobalMeet® for Desktop, or by browsing directly to your meeting URL and logging in with your client ID and password.

Find Your Recording

GlobalMeet® recordings are saved in designated folders in your File Library, which is accessible via GlobalMeet for Desktop and the GlobalMeet toolbar. If you currently do not have a folder for your recordings, GlobalMeet automatically creates one for you.

In addition:

  • The Recordings folder name is displayed in the host’s selected language: English, Dutch, French or German.
  • The Recordings folder is visible only to the host.
  • Existing recordings will remain in their current locations; the host can move these files, if desired. 
Download Your Recording

You can download GlobalMeet® Web recordings from the File Library within your GlobalMeet Web room. Recordings are available within 24 hours after the end of your meeting. To download your recording:

  1. Click on the File Library button in the GlobalMeet Web meeting console.
  2. Click the Gear button for the desired recording,
  3. Click the Download button.
  4. Select the location where you would like to save the recording, and then click Save.

Note: If your meeting recording was not started in your GlobalMeet Web room, you will need to log into your Administrative Portal to access the recording.

Share Your Recording with Others

You may invite anyone to view a recording of a meeting recorded from your GlobalMeet® Web room, including the activity in the Participant Panel, Public Chat and Notes sections. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Click the File Library button in the GlobalMeet meeting console.
  2. Click the Recordings folder.
  3. Click the Gear button for the desired recording.
  4. Click Send Link.
  5. Enter the email address (separate the email addresses with a comma if you would like to invite multiple people to view your recording) and any desired message (this is optional).
  6. Click the Send button.

Note: The recipients will receive an email with a link allowing them to view your recording. The link will remain active for 14 days from the date it was sent. If your meeting was not recorded from your GlobalMeet Web room, you can invite anyone to view the recording from your Administrative Portal.

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