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Problems with the Connect Me Feature

GlobalMeet® Web can call you and your guests to connect you to the audio portion of your meeting. If you do not see this feature, Contact us, then pick your product and your region so we can get started right away! 

If you are experiencing problems when trying to connect to the audio portion of your meeting, here are some possible causes:

  1. A person is on the phone line associated with the number that GlobalMeet Web tried to call.
  2. The phone line was not answered when it rang.
  3. The phone line has a non-solicitation option, which blocks calls from unknown numbers or requires a caller to enter additional information to complete the call.
  4. The phone number you entered reached a general location and additional digits are required to reach the participant’s extension. If you entered an extension number on the dial out pop-up screen, it is possible that the phone system did not accept the extension number you entered (for example, it may not accept extension numbers until a recorded message is completed).
  5. The phone number or extension was mistyped.
  6. The country code you selected is incorrect.
  7. An area code was left off (where applicable).

If the problem you are experiencing can’t be resolved with these troubleshooting tips, you can dial in to the meeting directly using the access number and passcode. If you are a host, you can locate this information by clicking on the question mark icon in your GlobalMeet Web meeting console. If you are a guest, contact the meeting host for this information.

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