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Share Your Webcam

Hosts and participants can share their webcam during a GlobalMeet® Web meeting once they are connected to the audio for the meeting. When you turn on your webcam, your video is displayed immediately to others. The video will display in the webcam section near the top of the side menu in GlobalMeet.

To turn on your webcam:

  1. Click the camera icon on the Webcam bar in the side menu.
    Note: If your audio is not connected, a message will display prompting you to connect your audio. If you have dialed into the meeting, a message will display prompting you to merge your connections. 
  2. The Webcam preview window will display. Select the webcam you would like to use from the drop down list.
  3. Adjust your webcam positioning as desired. Click OK.

The camera icon will change to orange, and the Webcam section will open and display the video from your webcam, allowing others to see your image. If you want to turn off your webcam at any time, click the camera icon again and it will stop sharing.

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