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Use Screen Share in GlobalMeet Web

The Screen Share feature allows you to share and demonstrate software applications, or your entire computer desktop, with your guests during a GlobalMeet® Web meeting. To access Screen Share, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Screen Share button in the GlobalMeet Web meeting console.
    Note: If you have not used the Screen Share feature before, the install process will begin automatically. Depending on your security settings, you may need to click Install when prompted.
  2. The Screen Share dialog box will open within GlobalMeet Web. For Windows users, the GlobalMeet Web meeting window will be automatically minimized on your screen. Before you have selected what you would like to share, your audience will see "Please wait for presenter to share an application." This message will remain until you share an application.
  3. You can share anything listed in the “Choose a Program to Share” section of the screen. Once shared, “Now Sharing” will display in the center at the top of the orange sharing frame, letting you know what you are sharing and what your guests are seeing.
    • To share your entire computer desktop on either your primary or secondary monitor, including background, taskbar and desktop items, choose “Share my screen- Monitor 1” or “Share my screen- Monitor 2” from the list.
    • To share a small area of your screen, choose “Select a region”. Position the orange sharing frame over the area you would like to share, then click Share This Region.
    • To share only one program, choose the program from the list. All meeting guests will be able to see the program in their meeting windows and follow your actions.
  4. If you would like to annotate what you are sharing, click the pencil at the top of the orange sharing frame.
  5. When you are finished sharing, click the X at the top of the orange sharing frame or click the Stop Sharing button in the Screen Share dialog box. For Windows users, the GlobalMeet Web meeting window will be automatically maximized when you close the Screen Share dialog box.

The following features are available within the Screen Share screen:

  • The "Hide Pop-up Windows" option allows you to prevent application, status and other non-shared windows from appearing on top of the shared window.
  • The “Grant” button gives control of the shared application to the guest you select from the list under Grant Control. The “Revoke” and “Revoke All” buttons are used for removing Screen Share control previously granted to a guest.
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