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Change your meeting room settings

Web meeting room settings control the meeting experience for you and your guests. You can update your meeting room settings at any time. If you update your settings while hosting a meeting, your new settings will not take effect until your next meeting.

To access your meeting room settings:

  1. Access your Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Meeting Room tab.
  3. If you have more than one web meeting, select the meeting you want to update. 

    As of March 2019, you can no longer add new meeting rooms to your account.

Change the settings and then click Save changes.

The following table describes the web meeting room options.

Option Description
Meeting Title The name to display at the top of the meeting room (in the title bar). The title defaults to your name + "Meeting." You can edit the title and enter a different name or a short description.
URL The URL people use to access your meeting room. The URL defaults to your FirstName+LastName, but you can change it.
Audio Account The audio conference used for this web meeting. If you have more than one audio account, you can select a different one.
Meeting Server Location The regional meeting server to use for your meeting room. For best meeting performance, select the region that corresponds to your physical location. For example, if you are based in Canada, but working temporarily in Germany, point your meeting room to the EMEA meeting server.
Assign Co-Host Grant or remove additional host permissions in your meeting room. When a co-host enters your meeting room, they automatically have the same permissions as you. Click Add/Remove to assign co-hosts.

Note: You can add a maximum of 5 co-hosts for your room.

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