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Change your meeting title or URL

As of March 2019, you can no longer add new meeting rooms to your GlobalMeet account.

You can change your meeting title or URL at any time. If you attempt to update these settings while hosting a meeting, your new settings will not take effect until you start your next meeting.

Note: If you have any meeting invitations with your old meeting room URL, you will need to resend the invitations with the updated URL.

To change your meeting room settings:

  1. Access your Meeting Settings.
  2. Click the Meeting Room tab and then click Edit Title.

    If you have more than one web meeting, select the meeting you want to update, and then click Edit.

    Web Settings

  3. To change the name displayed on meeting invitations and the meeting room, click in the Meeting Title field and enter a new title. When you tab out of the field, the title is updated.

    Click Cancel Edit at any time to discard your changes.

  4. To change the URL address for the meeting room, click in the URL field and enter a new URL.

    Web Settings

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the window, and then click Save changes.
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