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Designate a co-host for your room

You can designate other GlobalMeet account holders as co-hosts in your meeting room. Every time a co-host joins your meeting, they have the same host permissions as you do. This feature has many uses, for example, you could select a:

  • Colleague to run a standing meeting in your room when you are out of the office
  • Co-worker as your backup in case you run late for a meeting that you typically lead
  • Peer who co-facilitates sessions held in your room

You can select up to five people to be co-hosts in your room.

Note: Remember that the co-host always joins your meeting room with host permissions, until you remove the permissions.

To designate a co-host:

  1. Access Meeting Settings.
  2. On the Meeting Room tab, select the room you want to update. If you have more than one web meeting, click the Meeting Title list to view settings for another web meeting.
  3. Scroll to the Co-Hosts section and click Add/Remove.

  4. Enter the name or email address of the person to add. (Currently, you can only search by email or first name.)
  5. Point to a person in the search results, and then click the Add button.

    The person is added to your meeting room as a co-host.

  6. If desired, add more people as co-hosts (up to five total). When finished, click Close.

    The co-hosts you assigned are listed.

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