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Enable the waiting room

The waiting room provides added security against unauthorized guests and helps keep guests from joining until you are ready. With the waiting room feature, the host or promoted guests decide which guests to allow in the meeting and which guests to turn away. Instead of immediately joining, guests see or hear a message that the waiting room is on and cannot join the meeting until admitted. You (or a co-host) can change this setting at any time during the meeting - it takes effect immediately - and remains for future meetings.

Note: You cannot enable the waiting room if the meeting room is locked.

To turn on the waiting room:

At the top right of the meeting room window, click the Security button and set the Enable Waiting Room option to On.


To turn off the waiting room:

If allowed by your company settings, click the Security button and set the Enable waiting room option to Off.

Warning: If you turn the waiting room off, everyone in the waiting room joins the meeting. Your next meeting starts without the waiting room and future guests can join the meeting automatically.


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