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Lock your meeting

Hosts only. To prevent additional guests from joining your meeting, lock your meeting. When guests try to join a locked meeting, GlobalMeet displays a message that the meeting is locked; it plays a short message to anyone who tries to dial in.

Hosts can always enter their meeting room, even if it is locked. Guests who lose their network connection can re-join a locked meeting if their meeting window (browser or desktop app) is still open and their network connection returns within 3 minutes.

You can change this setting at any time during the meeting - it takes effect immediately.

Desktop app or web browser

To lock your meeting:

In the meeting room above the meeting stage, click the Security button, and then set the Lock meeting option to On.


A padlock appears in the meeting panel when the room is locked. All participants can see the padlock.


To unlock your meeting:

Click the Security button, then set the Lock meeting option to Off.

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