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Manage the waiting room | mobile app

If you are hosting from the mobile app, you can view the waiting room to admit or deny individual guests.

When the waiting room is on, the Security button is green and the Guests tab displays the number of people in the waiting room. Tap the Security button to view the list of guests waiting and admit or deny them.


For additional security, guests are automatically denied entry and dismissed from the waiting room if you (or a co-host):

  • Lock the meeting room
  • Do not join the meeting within 10 minutes after the guest enters the waiting room
  • Do not admit the guest within 15 minutes after you join the meeting

To admit or deny a guest in the waiting room:

  1. On the Guests tab, tap the Security button.
  2. Tap Admit All to allow all guests to join the meeting room, or next to a guest's name, tap:
    • Admit to allow the guest to join the meeting
    • Deny to remove the guest from the waiting room

      Denied guests cannot enter the meeting room.



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