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Manage guests in your meeting | mobile app

Use the meeting controls at the bottom of the screen to mute your line, put the meeting on speakerphone, leave the meeting. Hosts and guests can tap  (…) to change their audio connection.  Hosts can also tap  (…)  to record the meeting, lock the meeting, and mute all guests.

Manage meeting guests

If you are the host, you have additional participant controls. Tap (…)  beside a guest's name to:

  • Mute the guest
  • Promote the guest to presenter and let them mute other guests
  • Demote a presenter back to guest role
  • Dismiss the guest from the meeting


Manage video room guests

With GlobalMeet VRC, video room participants can join the meeting using the SIP URI or H.323 address provided by the meeting host or by being invited into the room directly. Each video room system gets its own video stream and has its own row in the Guests list. The name is taken from the video system settings or provided by the host when being connected.

Host and presenters can mute or dismiss a VRC guest. You cannot promote a VRC guest or view profile information.

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