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Delete a recording

Hosts can delete a recording of their meeting using the Recorded meetings tab in the desktop app. You can view, but not delete, recordings in the mobile apps.

Note: The completed recording captures the meeting room in your selected language (Dutch, French, German, or English).

To delete the recording:

  1. In the desktop app, click the Meetings tab, and then select Recorded meetings.

    Recorded meetings list

  2. Point to a recording and click the More (...) icon to view additional options.

    Recording options

  3. Click Delete recording to remove the recording.

    Stop recording

    The recording is removed from the list and a confirmation appears at the bottom of your screen that the recording has been deleted. In case of accidental deletion or if you change your mind about deleting the recording, click Undo in the confirmation message to recover the recording.

    Note: You cannot recover a recording after this confirmation box disappears.

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