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Share a recording | meeting room

When you stop recording, the meeting asks who should receive the recording. You can send it to just yourself (host only) or present guests (attendees). If you connected your Google or Outlook calendar, you can also send to absent guests (people who RSVPed, but didn't attend) or all guests (all invitees on the calendar entry).

As the host, you always receive the recording email and the recording is available in the desktop and iOS mobile apps. You can view, download, share, and delete (desktop app only) your recordings.

To share your recording:

  1. In the meeting room, click the Record button again to stop recording.

    Stop recording

  2. Choose who should receive the recording: Host Only or Present Guests. If you connected your Google or Outlook calendar, you can also send to All Guests or Absent Guests.

    Note: If you are recording as a co-host, you can only send the recording to the host or present guests (attendees).

    Send recording email

    The meeting sends a replay email to you and the guests you selected.

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