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View and share a recording | mobile app

As the host, you always receive the recording email. Recordings are also available in the desktop and iOS mobile apps. You can view, download, share, and delete (desktop app only) your recordings.

Note: For iOS only.

To access your recording:

  1. Click the More () icon, and then select Recorded meetings.

    iOS-Meetings-More.png    iOS-Recordings-List.png

  2. Click a recording to open it in a browser.


  3. To view the recording, click the play icon.
  4. To share the recording with others, click:
    • Download Recording to save the recording to your computer. You can share your recording by attaching it to an email or uploading it to a shared server.
    • Copy Recording URL to Clipboard and paste the link in an email or text message to share it with others.
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