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Schedule a meeting | iOS

The mobile app lets you schedule a meeting, send invitations, and save the meeting to your calendar, where you can track attendee responses and update the meeting date and time, if needed. Meeting invitations include details for your web meeting and the default audio conference associated with it. 

Select a calendar

The app uses the calendars available in the native iOS Calendar app to schedule your meeting - not calendars in other installed apps like Google Calendar or Outlook. To schedule meetings on your Google or Outlook calendar and use that account to send invitations, add your Exchange, Google, or account in Settings > Passwords & Accounts. Learn more »

If you only want the event to appear on your Google or Outlook calendar, invite that email address to the meeting. The meeting invitation will be sent from your iOS account (usually your iCloud account email), but the event will be on your external calendar.

Meetings you schedule on your Outlook calendar can be displayed on the Home tab in the mobile app. Just connect your Outlook calendar.

Note: Google calendar integration is not supported on mobile yet, but you can connect your Google calendar in the desktop app and show mobile app-scheduled meetings on the Home tab of the desktop app.

Schedule your meeting

To schedule a meeting:

  1. On the Meetings tab, next to your meeting URL, tap the More button and then tap Schedule a meeting.


    The New Event screen opens. Your meeting URL is set as the location and your meeting details are added to the body of the invitation.

  2. Use the default calendar or to choose a different calendar, tap Calendar, and select one of your connected calendar accounts. The invitation will be sent from the selected account.
    View example »
  3. Set the meeting title, date, and time. Change any other details as needed.
  4. To add people to invite, tap Invitees and search your device's contacts, or manually enter their email addresses.

    If the New Event screen shows a red conflict alert, tap Invitees to see who has a conflict and when they are available for the meeting.

  5. Tap Add to add the meeting to your calendar and send invitations to your guests.

    The invitation includes a calendar file attachment that your guests can open in most calendar apps. 

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