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Schedule a meeting | iOS

Scheduling a meeting using your iOS device saves it to your calendar, where you can track attendee responses and update the meeting date and time, if needed. The app always uses the iOS Calendar app to create your meeting invitation even if you have other calendar apps installed on your device.

To schedule a meeting:

  1. On the Meetings tab, next to your meeting URL, tap More and then tap Schedule a meeting. Your device's calendar New Event screen opens.


    Your default meeting information is added to the body of the invitation and your meeting URL is set as the location.

  2. Use the default calendar or to choose a different calendar, tap Calendar, and select one of your connected calendar accounts to send the invitation.
  3. Set the meeting title, date, and time. Change any other details as needed.
  4. To add people to invite, search your device's Contacts, or manually enter their email address.

    After you select people, if the calendar shows a red conflict alert on the New Event screen, tap Invitees to see who has a conflict and potentially better times for the meeting.

  5. Tap Add to add the meeting to your calendar and send invitations to your guests.

    The invitation includes a calendar file attachment that your guests can open in most calendar apps. 

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