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Try out the new GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet 5 is a completely new personal web conferencing experience, built from the ground up using HTML5. GlobalMeet’s user interface was designed with rounds of customer feedback and thorough user testing, ensuring the platform is easy-to-use and your meetings are productive and engaging.

If you already have a GlobalMeet 4 meeting room, you can try out the new meeting experience in your existing room. Just switch the GlobalMeet 5.0 toggle to ON in Meeting Settings or the new desktop app. 

Note: Not all GlobalMeet 4 features (like file library) are available yet in GlobalMeet 5. If you want to switch back, just go to Meeting Settings and set  GlobalMeet 5.0 to OFF.

To switch to the new meeting experience:

  1. Access Meeting Settings. Meeting Settings is available when you're in your meeting room and from all GlobalMeet apps.
  2. Click the WEB SETTINGS tab. If you have more than one GlobalMeet room, select the room you want to update.

  3. Under LAB FEATURES, set GLOBALMEET 5.0 to ON.

    Some meeting options - like delegate access, waiting room, and privacy mode - are no longer visible. These options are not available in GlobalMeet 5 meetings.

  4. Click Save, and then close the Meeting Settings window.

    The next time you start your meeting, you'll see the new GlobalMeet 5.

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