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About screen share

Use screen share to share programs, websites, or your entire desktop within the meeting room. Meeting guests can follow along as you browse a website, conduct a demo, or walk through a slide deck on your computer whether at their computers or on the go using their Android smartphones or iOS devices. 

Anyone can share their screen, an application window, a whiteboard, or a file within the meeting. If you'd like, you can restrict sharing in your meeting room to only yourself and presenters (guests that you promote).

You cannot screen share from the mobile apps.

Note:  Screen share can show up to 16 active webcams. You cannot view your webcam while sharing your screen. See View screen share and webcams.

When you screen share, the meeting stage shows a thumbnail view of what you are sharing. All others see your screen or window.

Screen Share Host View

Screen Share Guest View

Participants can enter fullscreen mode, which removes the meeting sidebar and Active Talker bar, by clicking the expand button to the right of the zoom controls. The meeting controls automatically hide after a few moments and become visible only when actively using your mouse. Click the collapse button to exit fullscreen mode.

Screen Share FullScreen Guest View w/ Meeting Controls
Screen Share FullScreen Guest View w/o Meeting Controls

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