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About whiteboard

Use the interactive whiteboard to illustrate your ideas and collaborate with your guests in real time.

Anyone can open a whiteboard without being promoted. If you'd like, you can restrict sharing in your meeting room to only yourself and presenters (guests that you promote).

You cannot share or view a whiteboard from the mobile apps.

Collaborate with the whiteboard

To get started, click the Share button and then select Whiteboard. Use the tools on the whiteboard controls to add a background image to the whiteboard, add text, draw shapes, and draw with the pen.


You can resize and move elements after adding them to the whiteboard. You cannot resize or move background images.

You can also erase an element, undo or redo your own edits, or clear the whiteboard. When you're ready, download a copy of the whiteboard as an image to save and share.

Note: Only hosts and presenters can clear the whiteboard. Guests can clear their own edits from the whiteboard. You cannot undo or redo someone else's edits.

Ending the meeting will clear the whiteboard and all edits will be lost. Whiteboard edits will not be lost when switching from whiteboard sharing to screen or file sharing.

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