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Open a whiteboard

To open a whiteboard:

  1. In the meeting controls, click the Share button, and then select Whiteboard.


  2. The meeting stage shows the whiteboard, and the Share button changes to blue to show that you are sharing.


  3. Everyone can use the whiteboard. Collaborate with your guests and add a background image, text, shape, or drawing.
    • To add a background image, click the Picture button and upload an image. Background images are static and cannot be moved once added, but can be replaced with another image. 
    • To add text, click the Text button, select a color, place the cursor on the whiteboard and begin typing. Press Enter to add the text. Click the text to select it and drag it to a new location. Double click the text to edit it.
    • To add a shape, click the Shape button, select a shape and color, and then drag and drop your shape.  Hold down Shift when dragging  to create a straight line or arrow, or a perfect square or oval. Click the shape to select it and drag it to a new location, or use the blue handles to resize and rotate it.
    • To draw freehand, click the Pen button, select a color, and use the mouse to draw on the board. Each time you click and drag the mouse, you create a new selectable drawing element. Click the drawing to select it and drag it to a new location, or use the blue handles to resize and rotate it.

      Whiteboard-Controls-Shapes_cropped.png    Whiteboard-Drawing+Shape+Text-Selected_cropped.png

    To delete elements from the whiteboard, click the Eraser button and then click the text, drawing, or shape you want to remove. To clear the entire whiteboard, click Clear. You can also click Undo to remove your own edits or a cleared whiteboard, and click Redo to restore your edits.

    Note: Only hosts and presenters can clear the whiteboard. Guests can clear their own edits from the whiteboard. You cannot undo or redo someone else's edits.

  4. Click the Save button to download a copy of the whiteboard as an image to save and share.
  5. To close the whiteboard, click the Close button at the top right or click the Share button and then click Stop whiteboard.  

    Note:  Ending the meeting will clear the whiteboard and all edits will be lost. Whiteboard edits will not be lost when switching from whiteboard sharing to screen or file sharing.

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