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Share a file

You can share an Adobe PDF, Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet, or video in your meeting. During the meeting, upload the file you want to share or select a file you previously uploaded.

For more information about video sharing, see Share a video; for supported file formats, see File and Video Sharing.

To share a file:

  1. In the meeting controls, click the Share button, and then select File presentation.


  2. Use one of the following methods to select the file to share:
    • To add a new file, click Upload file or the upload icon in the top right.

      My Files

      When the upload finishes, point to the file and click Present.

      Upload Complete

    • To present a file from your file library, click its name and then click Present file.

      Note: To view a file prior to sharing it, click the More button and then Preview. You cannot preview video files.

      My Files

    The meeting stage shows what you are sharing. The Share button changes to blue to show that you are sharing. If you are sharing a PowerPoint presentation, you can expand the right sidebar to display the presenter notes.


  3. To stop sharing, click the Close button at the top right or click the Share button and then click Stop presentation.

To update a file:

To update a file, upload the newer version with the same file name, and then click Replace file when prompted. The new file overwrites the existing one in your file library.

Sharing Screen

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