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Share a video

You can play a video file during your meeting. We recommend that you upload the video you want to share before your meeting so it will be ready. Then select a video you previously uploaded during the meeting. The maximum file size for a video is 1 GB.

Important: Video sound is played through your computer or mobile device's built-in speakers. Mobile app participants must connect audio using VoIP to hear the video. You cannot listen to a video over a phone connection. Remind guests to unmute their speakers.

To share a video:

  1. In the meeting controls, click the Share button, and then select File presentation.


  2. Use one of the following methods to select the file to share:
    • To add a new file, click Upload file or the upload icon in the top right.

      My Files

      After the file uploads, point to the file and click Present.

      Upload Complete

    • To present a video from your file library, click its name and then click Present file.

      Note: You cannot use the More button to preview a video file before presenting.

      My Files

    The meeting stage shows your video and the Share button changes to blue to show that you are sharing. Use the player controls to play or pause the video, adjust the video's volume, or skip to a specific timestamp in the video.

    Presenting video

  3. To stop sharing, click the Close button at the top right or or click the Share button and then click Stop presentation.
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