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Share your screen

To share your screen:

  1. In the meeting controls, click the Share button and then select Screen Share.


  2. Select what you would like to share: Share Monitor to share your entire desktop or Share Window to share an application, browser, or other window.

    Note: Some Firefox users no longer see this window and instead select what to share using the browser.

    Screenshare Options

    If you're using a Chrome or Edge browser, you can share audio files or videos while screen sharing by allowing your system audio to play through screen share. Select Entire Screen or a Chrome or Edge tab and then select Share Audio.


  3. Click Start (desktop app) or Share (browser).

    The meeting stage shows a thumbnail view of what you are sharing. The Share button changes to blue to show that you are sharing.

    Host View - Screen Share

  4. To stop sharing, click Stop sharing my screen or click the Share button and then click Stop sharing my screen.
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