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Tips for presenting in the meeting

To decide whether you should use file presentation or screen share in the meeting, follow these tips:

Use screen share when sharing

  • A video or audio file, showing an image, or using a YouTube/Vimeo link.
  • A file and editing it during the meeting.
  • A presentation that contains animation, slide transitions, or embedded video/audio.
  • A monitor to use remote desktop control.
  • A presentation, PDF, or document with fonts originally embedded using a Mac computer.
  • A browser window or when switching between multiple files or programs.

Use file presentation when

  • Sharing a supported file type:
    • Adobe PDF
    • Word document (DOC, DOCX)
    • PowerPoint presentation (PPT, PPTX)
    • Excel spreadsheet (XLS, XLSX)
  • Sharing a file that does not need changes or annotations.
  • Sharing a presentation that includes presenter notes in plain text. Viewers will not be able to see the notes.
  • Sharing a file that uses supported fonts.
  • Sharing a presentation, PDF, or document with fonts originally embedded using a Windows computer.
  • You need to easily manage participants, respond to chats, or view the presenter notes on a single display.
  • You want to avoid participants seeing onscreen notifications, documents, or sensitive information.
  • You need the presentation to be viewed in the highest fidelity.

Use whiteboard when

  • You or your guests want to draw or write over an imported image or a blank canvas.
  • You want to brainstorm and illustrate your ideas with your guests in real-time.
  • You want to save your work and send it to your guests.
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