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View shared content and webcams

The meeting room displays up to 16 active webcams simultaneously when someone shares a file, shares their screen, or opens a whiteboard.

  • Webcams are displayed in a filmstrip above the shared content. Click the arrows to scroll.
  • You can share a file or open a whiteboard and share your webcam at the same time.
  • You can't share your screen and your webcam at the same time. If your webcam is on and you start screen share, your webcam is turned off.

Your view while sharing

  • When you share your screen, the meeting stage shows a preview of what you are sharing. 

Note: When you are sharing your screen, the full-stage and maximize buttons are not available. 

  • When you share a file, the meeting stage includes controls to navigate the file.
  • When you share a video, you can use the controls to play or pause the video, adjust your volume for the video, or skip to a specific timestamp in the video. 
  • When you open a whiteboard, and open sharing is turned on, everyone can see the whiteboard controls and make edits to the whiteboard.

The following example is of file presentation.


What others see

  • The guest's view shows what you are sharing, plus all active webcams.
  • If the guest is watching a video, they can control their own volume for the video and view the video's progress.
  • When you open a whiteboard, and open sharing is turned off, guests can't see the whiteboard controls or make edits to the whiteboard. 



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