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Network is unstable alert

If you are experiencing issues with an unstable network or getting disconnected, try the following tips.

Improve your connection

Many network issues are due to bad connections or low bandwidth. Here are some things to try to improve your connection while in the meeting room.

  • Are you on a corporate VPN? Disconnect, if permitted. VPN connections can be significantly slower, especially when you’re working remotely. 
  • Check that your internet provider is not having an outage or other issues.
  • Run the system test and check your network connectivity, connection quality, and your system’s support for webcam and sharing services.
  • Reduce your overall bandwidth usage. Close non-essential browsers and applications, turn off music or other media streaming, stop uploads and downloads, and disconnect devices not in use from the network.
  • Improve your WiFi connection. Move closer to the router or access point, switch from 2.4 GHz band to 5 GHz if possible, or connect to another WiFi network. If you don’t control the network, contact IT to check the WiFi connection.
  • Is a wired (LAN) connection available? Try that instead of WiFi or mobile hotspots.
  • Are you on a mobile hotspot? Switch to a hotspot with a stronger connection (more bars), a WiFi network (if available), or a wired connection.
  • Are you on a home network? Check for others using bandwidth-intensive services like streaming music, games, or videos.
  • Reboot your computer, device, modem, or router.
  • Try connecting using a different computer or device.

Check your system and network setup

After the meeting, check your system and network for issues that might cause ongoing connection issues. 

  • Run an anti-virus scan. Malware could be slowing your device or blocking communication to our meeting servers.
  • Check that your WiFi drivers and router firmware are up to date.
  • Use a WiFi extender or a long-range router to increase the strength and range of your signal.
  • Upgrade your internet to a higher service plan.
  • If you have cable internet, remove coaxial cable splitters or upgrade to a higher quality splitter.
  • If you are using outdated equipment, replace your router and other equipment.
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