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Getting Started

Share Meeting Info [DT app]-thumbnail2.jpg

Share Meeting Info with the Desktop App

DT app contacts- thumbnail2.png

Contacts Through the Desktop App

Start your Meeting [DT App].jpg

Start your Meeting with the Desktop App

Connect Audio Using Call My Computer- thumbnail.jpg

Connect Audio Using Call My Computer

Connect Audio using your Phone-thumbnail.jpg

Connect Audio Using Your Phone

Hosting a Meeting

Turn on Webcam-thumbnail.jpg

Manage Your Webcam


Manage Interruptions on your Meeting

Share your screen- thumbnail.jpg

Share your Screen

Present a File-thumbnail.png

Present a File or Video


Remote Desktop Control

Recording-4Webcams-Host- no callout.jpg

Recording your Meeting

VRC- thumbnail.png

Video Room Connector (VRC)

Join someone elses meeting [DT app]-thumbnail.jpg

Join Someone Else's Meeting with the Desktop App

Other Popular Topics

Sched Meeting with the Toolbar-thumbnail.jpg

Schedule a Meeting with the Outlook Add-In

Start a Meeting with Toolbar-thumbnail.jpg

Start a Meeting with the Outlook Add-In

[thumb] GMC meeting settings.jpg

Access Meeting Settings

Help and support-thumbnail.jpg

Help and Support

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