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About sharing your webcam

Share your webcam with the meeting and meet face-to-face. GlobalMeet can show up to six webcams on the stage at one time. If someone is sharing, the webcams are displayed above the shared window.

Webcams are shown in the order in which the guests turn on their webcams. If there is only one user in the meeting sharing webcam, the live stream in full stage mode. As more people share their webcams, the meeting automatically adjusts the size of the live streams until there are six on stage.

If the meeting stage is full, you cannot share your webcam; you must wait until another user stops sharing. If you are the host, co-host, or a presenter, point to a guest's webcam and then click (close) to remove it from the stage.

Note:  On the desktop, screen share can show up to six active webcams. See View screen share and webcams.

Meeting Type - Webcam

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