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Release Notes

The current desktop app release is 6.7, as of August 8, 2019.

This article contains information for:

  • Release 5.39 (Meetings) - August 12, 2019

For other releases, browse all release notes.

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes an improvement to the meeting.


  • Connect Audio. When adding a new dial-out number, the dropdown list for countries/country codes is now alphabetized for German, Dutch, and French to make it easier to locate a country in your preferred language.

    Note: US/Canada(+1) displays at the top of the list.

Desktop app

This release does not include improvements to the desktop app.

Bug Fixes

This release does not address issues seen while in the meeting or desktop app.

Known issues

Visit Troubleshooting for information and workarounds for known issues like:

  • Guests viewing a Windows 10 user sharing an Office app window may experience a frozen screen.
  • Sharing an app window in Internet Explorer can lose focus and share your entire screen.
  • Empty meeting window when launching from the desktop app.
  • Fonts are rendering unexpectedly when files are presented.
  • Mac. Files created on Mac with embedded fonts fail to upload for file presentation.
  • Meeting Settings doesn't display correctly after an update.
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