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As of June 28, 2019, GlobalMeet 4 Webinar will be retired. All current GlobalMeet 4 Webinar customers are being upgraded to the new GlobalMeet Webinar.

GlobalMeet Support

GlobalMeet Release Notes

This article contains information for:

  • Release 5.0 (Meeting Settings via Desktop) - June 11, 2019
  • Release 5.35 (Meetings) - June 13, 2019
  • Release 6.3 (Desktop) - June 14, 2019

For other releases, browse all release notes.

New Features and Enhancements

This release includes improvements to the meeting and desktop experience.


  • File presentation. The presenter now sees a notification that they are sharing a file once the file appears on stage.
  • Internet Explorer. A new version of the audio and video plug-in is available. You will be prompted to update or download the plug-in (if you do not have it); after installing, restart IE.

Desktop app

  • The desktop app now remembers when you accept cookies.
  • Labs:
    • The GlobalMeet 5.0 meeting room toggle has been removed from the Labs tab.
    • The Labs tab no longer appears if there are no new features for you to try out. If a new feature becomes available, the tab reappears.

Meeting Settings

Meeting Settings is accessible from the desktop app (on the Settings > General tab, click Edit).

  • Audio Settings:
    • Manage Access Numbers. When choosing which numbers to include in meeting invites, you can now select all or deselect all available numbers.

    • Passcodes. By default, passcode changes for audio accounts with Enhanced Authentication (EA) are now disabled. (These accounts have 10-digit randomly generated passcodes.) Depending on your company’s security policy, passcode changes might be locked for other passcode formats.
  • Meeting room. If VRC is disabled for a meeting room or your company, the Room System Information section is no longer displayed.

Bug Fixes

This release addresses issues seen while in the meeting and desktop app.

Meeting issues

  • Connect Audio. Users were able to send additional change audio connection requests after requesting the meeting room to dial out.
  • File presentation. When hosts and co-hosts enter a meeting room after file presentation has already started, they do not see the presenter controls.
  • Join a meeting. Attempting to join a deleted meeting room, using an altered meeting link, or joining from a mobile device results in a blank GlobalMeet screen.

Desktop app issues

  • Home. If your Microsoft password changes, the Home tab is stuck on the loading screen instead of prompting for an updated password.

Known issues

Visit Troubleshooting for information and workarounds for known issues like:

  • Guests viewing a Windows 10 user sharing an Office app window may experience a frozen screen.
  • Sharing an app window in Internet Explorer can lose focus and share your entire screen.
  • Empty meeting window when launching from the desktop app.
  • Fonts are rendering unexpectedly when files are presented.
  • Mac. Files created on Mac with embedded fonts fail to upload for file presentation.
  • Meeting Settings doesn't display correctly after an update.
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