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Tip: To avoid busy signals and other connection problems due to high demand with our global carrier partners, use VoIP softphone or dial-out instead of dialing in directly to a meeting or audio conference. Web meetings: when you join, select Use my computer or Use my phone. Audio conferences: guests, open the meeting invitation and click Connect Me. Audio hosts: Learn how to host conferences from your computer »



Desktop App Quick Ref (account holder view)

To open the desktop app, locate the globe icon on your desktop, system tray, or Launchpad and start it. The tabs on the left side let you switch among your profile, calendar integration, meetings and meeting recordings, and updating the app and account settings.

Customize your profile

Click your name to manage your profile information, view your meeting details, access app settings, and sign out.

You can personalize your desktop experience by uploading a photo or avatar image. You can upload a JPG, PNG, or TIFF image from your computer.

To add a profile picture:

  1. At the top of the nav panel, click your name, and then select Edit profile image.
  2. Click New image.

  3. Browse to select the picture you want to use, and then click Open.
  4. Use the slider to resize the image. Point to the image and drag to place it within the frame.

  5. When finished, click Save.

Your profile image is displayed at the top of the left panel, and on the Meetings tab, in your meeting information.


When a new version of the desktop app is available, it is downloaded automatically and prompts you to relaunch the app. After relaunching, the app alerts you of the version update and provides a link to the release notes so you can see what changed. 


Get help

You can access help by clicking the help (?) button at the top right of the desktop app.


From the Help and Support window, you can:

  • Get options for contacting support: call, email, or chat live with a support agent.

    Note: When you send email to support, a case is automatically opened for your issue. You will receive a confirmation email with the case number.

  • Visit the support site to read knowledge base articles and watch videos.

    Note: When using the desktop app, you are automatically directed to the support site for your chosen language.

  • Download tools, such as the desktop app or mobile apps.


The Home tab lets you view upcoming meetings from your Outlook calendar and start your meeting with one click.

Note: The same steps apply when using the Home tab to join someone else's meeting room. Or, to join meetings hosted on other meeting services - like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Webex - from your Outlook calendar, click the blue link. The desktop app launches your web browser and navigates to the URL.

Open the desktop app and click the Home tab, if needed.

Click Join on a meeting you created to launch your meeting room and automatically sign in.


The next step is to choose how you want to talk in the meeting by connecting your audio.


The Meetings tab allows you to start or join a meeting and manage your meeting recordings.

Start your meeting

Open the desktop app and click the Meetings tab. Under My meeting info, click Start my meeting. Your meeting room opens and you are automatically signed in as the host.

My Meeting Information

The next step is to choose how you want to talk in the meeting by connecting your audio.

Share your meeting information

You can copy just your meeting URL or copy all meeting details (meeting URL and dial-in information).

To copy the meeting URL:

On the Meetings tab, next to your meeting URL, click Copy. You can paste your meeting URL into a text message or email.

My Meeting Information

To display and copy meeting details:

Click the info (i) icon next to your meeting information. The My meeting info window contains the meeting URL, dial-in access numbers, and passcodes. Click Copy all to clipboard if you want to include the meeting URL and all available access numbers for your invitation. Otherwise, click Copy primary access number to clipboard to include only your main access number and guest passcode.

My Meeting Information

Join someone else's meeting

  1. Open the desktop app and click the Meetings tab.
  2. Locate the Join a meeting section.
  3. To join a meeting:
    • Enter the URL of the meeting and press Enter on your keyboard.
    • Click on a previously joined meeting from the list displayed.
    • If you have a company account, enter the name of the meeting host to search your company directory, and then click on the appropriate meeting URL from the results.

    My Meeting Information 

The host's room opens and you are automatically signed in as a guest.

The next step is to choose how you want to talk in the meeting by connecting your audio.

Manage your meeting recordings

To access your recording:

  1. In the desktop app, click the Meetings tab, and then select Recorded meetings.


  2. Click a recording to open it in a browser.


  3. To view the recording, click the play icon.
  4. To share the recording with others, click:
    • Copy Recording URL to Clipboard and paste the link in an email or text message to share it with others.
    • Download Recording to save the recording to your computer. You can share your recording by attaching it to an email or uploading it to a shared server.

You can also copy a meeting URL directly from the desktop app. Point to a recording and click the More (...) icon to view additional options and then click Copy recording URL. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard and ready for sharing.



The Settings tab allows you to manage your desktop app and account information and try out new features.

Change your general settings

View your current account information, sign out of the desktop app, and change your app settings:

  • View the current version of the desktop app and click Check for updates to download the latest version.
  • Select your preferred language. English, Dutch, French, German, and Japanese are supported. You can attend meetings and use desktop and mobile apps in any of these supported languages. If your browser or system is set to a supported language, the meeting room and apps automatically display that language for you. For unsupported languages, the meeting room and apps are set to English.
  • Set your desktop app to launch as soon as your computer turns on so you can jump into a meeting at a moment's notice.
  • Edit your account profile, change your password, and customize your web and audio meeting settings. Depending on your account permissions, you may not see this feature.


Update your account information

You can view your client ID and make basic updates (first name, last name, and email) using the Account tab. This information displays when someone views your profile during a meeting. To edit your information, click a field and make your changes. Click out of the field to automatically save.

Account Information

Test new features (Labs)

Turn on experimental features to test them before release. The content of this tab changes over time.

Depending on your account permissions, you may not see this tab.

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