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GlobalMeet 5 continues to grow! Check out the latest updates, download the desktop and mobile apps, go mobile, or try it out in your existing GlobalMeet room.

GlobalMeet Support

Welcome iMeet users

iMeet is no longer available

As an iMeet user, you received a new GlobalMeet account. We are sure you will enjoy your GlobalMeet account as much as, or more, than the iMeet account you are using today. You’ll be able to enjoy everything that the new GlobalMeet has to offer, including:

  • Modern technology for superior audio, video and screen share 
  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • One-click meeting access from any device 
  • Instructor-led training available to all users
  • World-class customer care - 24/7 in-meeting access 
  • And much more!

Watch your email for your new GlobalMeet credentials. In the meantime, click below for more information and to learn about GlobalMeet.

Learn more

Here are some resources to help you get ready:

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