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Share your webcam

Anybody can share their webcam in the meeting. No special permission is needed.

To share your webcam:

  1. In the meeting controls, click the webcam button.

    Turn On Webcam

  2. Select the source of your webcam and check your webcam preview to verify it works properly.

    Note: This is only a preview. Your webcam video is not visible in the meeting until you turn it on.

    Webcam Preview

  3. Click Turn webcam on.

    The webcam button changes to blue to indicate you are sharing. Your webcam stream appears in the meeting stage.

    Webcam On

  4. Click the Settings button (gear) to manage your webcam during the meeting. This allows you to select a different video camera to share without needing to turn off your webcam.

  5. To stop sharing, point to your stream and click X (close) or click the webcam button again.

    Webcam Hover Dismiss

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