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Switch to the "old" meeting room

When hosting a meeting, you may need a feature you were previously using in legacy GlobalMeet.

Not all GlobalMeet 4 features (like managing the file library) are available yet in GlobalMeet 5. If you switched to GlobalMeet 5 from a GlobalMeet 4 meeting room, open Meeting Settings and set the GlobalMeet 5.0 toggle to OFF. 

To switch back to the GlobalMeet 4 meeting experience:

  1. Access Meeting Settings. Meeting Settings is available from within all GlobalMeet apps.
  2. Click the Meeting Room tab. If you have more than one GlobalMeet room, select the room you want to update.

  3. Under Lab Features, set GlobalMeet 5.0 to OFF.


    Your previous meeting options - like the waiting room and privacy mode - are now visible again.

  4. Click Save changes, and then close the Meeting Settings window.

    The next time you start your meeting, you'll see the GlobalMeet 4 meeting room.

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