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Share meeting connection details

To invite guests to your meeting, you can have the meeting dial out to someone or you can copy your meeting information to share it in a text message or email. You can access your meeting information while in the meeting and also from the GlobalMeet desktop app.

Tip: You might want to include a note in your message to use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 11 if using a browser. 

In the meeting

In the meeting sidebar, next to Guests, click the plus (+) button. Then, select Share meeting info.

Share Meeting Information

Click Copy to clipboard and paste the meeting URL and dial-in information into a text message or email. Your guest can copy and paste the link into a browser or the desktop app and join your meeting.

Meeting Information 

In the desktop app

You can copy just your meeting URL or copy all meeting details (meeting URL and dial-in information).

To copy the meeting URL:

On the Meetings tab, next to your meeting URL, click Copy. You can paste your meeting URL into a text message or email.

My Meeting Information

To display and copy meeting details:

Click the info (i) icon next to your meeting information. The My meeting info window contains the meeting URL, dial-in access numbers, and passcodes. Click Copy all to clipboard if you want to include the meeting URL and all available access numbers for your invitation. Otherwise, click Copy primary access number to clipboard to include only your main access number and guest passcode.

My Meeting Information

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