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Record a meeting

Hosts can record their meetings for future reference and for sharing with participants unable to attend. Recordings capture a high-quality video of your meeting, including the Meeting panel, Chat panel, and any webcams, screens, files, or videos being shared in the room. The maximum time limit for a recording is 8 hours.

The meeting room prompts you to start recording when:

  • Content is shared within the meeting
  • Several minutes have passed and you have absent guests (Outlook integration required)

Note: The completed recording captures the meeting room in your selected language (Dutch, French, German, or English).

Desktop app or web browser

To record the meeting:

  1. In the meeting controls, click the Record button.

  2. Enter a name or description for the meeting recording, and then click Start recording. If you have Outlook integration enabled, the calendar event title is automatically added as the recording title, if available.


    An audio prompt alerts everyone that the meeting is being recorded and a Recording indicator displays above the meeting controls. All users can see the Recording indicator.

  3. To stop recording, click the Record button again.


    Note: You cannot pause while recording. Stopping the recording and then pressing the Record button again starts a new recording.

  4. Choose who receives the recording. The options displayed depend on guest attendance and if you have Outlook integration enabled. As the host, you will always receive the recording regardless of your choice. If you are a co-host, you can only send the email to the host or present guests (attendees).


Mobile apps

To record your meeting on mobile:

More Options

  • Android. In the meeting controls, tap the More (...) button, and then tap Start Recording and enter a meeting name.
  • iOS. In the meeting controls, tap the Record button. You cannot name the meeting when starting a recording from an iOS device.
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