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Tip: To avoid busy signals and other connection problems due to high demand with our global carrier partners, use VoIP softphone or dial-out instead of dialing in directly to a meeting or audio conference. Web meetings: when you join, select Use my computer or Use my phone. Audio conferences: guests, open the meeting invitation and click Connect Me. Audio hosts: Learn how to host conferences from your computer »



Tips for hosting an effective meeting

Before hosting a meeting

Practice scheduling and using the GlobalMeet features, such as sharing content, before your first meeting.

Enter your meeting 15 minutes prior to the meeting time in order to set up the meeting and prepare for screen or file sharing. Turn open sharing off if you want to restrict who can share within the meeting.

If you plan to allow another user to share their screen or a file during your meeting, have that user join the meeting 15 minutes early. Once the user joins, have the user upload the file or share their screen. If you turned off open sharing, you must promote the user to the Presenter role before the user can share content.

  • The user downloads the GlobalMeet Audio & Video plug-in the first time they sign in to a meeting in Internet Explorer 11.
  • The user downloads the GlobalMeet Screen Share extension to Chrome the first time they attempt to share their screen.

Hosting a meeting

Always join your own meeting using the desktop app.

If immediate support is needed during the meeting, encourage a guest to contact Support on your behalf.

After hosting a meeting

Rate your meeting experience after ending the meeting. If issues occurred during the meeting, choose It could have been better. to provide feedback.

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